Samsung SGH-T519 (Trace)
Everytime you send a text message to an email address or phone # that's NOT even in your phone address book, the number / email add is stored automatically "somewhere" (SIM/phone?) under a recent message recpients list. So anytime you want to send a new text/pic/video message you can see the list of EVERY email/number you've sent messages to.

These email adds. / numbers are not in the regular phone book, and I just realised there's no way to access them and delete them like in the phone book. I've been searching and I don't want to go through the step below just to get that list off.

Anyone with a samsung phone with this problem and knows what to do?

The Samsung SGH-T519 (Trace) is a great phone. Have had it for a little over a month now and haven't had any major complaints except one. When in T9 text messaging mode you have the ability to add words to the phone's already extensive library. However, if for some reason you accidentally add a word you didn't want, there is no way to delete that added word or character.

That's why I am here! To give you all a little code to reset the device to factory default settings. This will erase EVERYTHING on the PHONE. Essentially it will go back to day one when you took the phone out of the T-mobile store.

I got this code directly from a Samsung representative so it is completely legit. I used it on my phone, today, to erase my dictionary.

I hope this comes in handy to any of you that may be encountering the same problem I was, or for those of you that just want to clean the clutter and start over fresh. This factory default code WILL NOT affect contacts on your sim card but WILL erase everything stored on your phone that was NOT there when you bought it.


Enter this code in the dialing screen:

As soon as you hit the pound (#) key the phone should soft boot to the SGH-T519 boot up logo and boot up as normal.

For those of you with myFaves plans worry not, I also have myFaves and my contacts were updated and ready to use within a minute of the reboot (unfortunately you will have to re-upload/take pictures of your contacts though).

Hopefully this information is helpful to some of you. I couldn't find this information anywhere and had to sit on hold for over half an hour with Samsung to get it. I am sharing it so none of you will have to do the same.